duminică, 13 februarie 2011

Man of my recurrent dreams...

Contrar zvonurilor raspandite de Gigel, nu, nu m-am casatorit. Pentr-un singur motiv

Iar Dr. Sanchez inca nu m-a cerruthhhh...

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alexandrescudani spunea...

Super tare poanta cu pantofii...:))

Anonim spunea...

Why Women Prefer Cats Over Men

* A cat never comes home drunk after being out all night with friends.
* You can't put a bell around your man's neck and always know exactly where he is.
* You can stroke a cat without automatically being expected to have sex.
* When a cat comes in at midnight it doesn't wake you up by smashing into the furniture.
* Cats never pretend they know how to fix what's broken.
* Your cat doesn't care what size your boobs are.
* Cats will love you even when you have bad hair days.
* Cats love rubbing up to your legs no matter how much cellulite you have.
* Men can't be neutered if they stray.
* It's okay if your cat rubs up against the guests in your home.
* You never have to spend time with your cat's mother.
* A cat is never late for dinner.
* Cats love to see you come home from shopping with lots of bags!
* You'll never get a call from you cat's ex.
* Your cat will never leave you for a younger women.
* A cat can't fake loving you.
* Cats actually think with their heads.
* Cats can fend for themselves.
* When a cat sleeps all day it's natural, not annoying.