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Wikipedia ne spune:
Thomas Alan Waits (7 decembrie 1949) este un compozitor, poet şi actor american. Vocea sa particulară a fost descrisă ca fiind "înecată într-un butoi de whiskey, atârnată la afumat pentru căteva luni si apoi călcata de o maşină". Muzica sa combină blues, jazz, rock si alternativ. Waits a compus coloana sonoră a unor filme ("Night on Earth"), precum şi opera "The Black Rider". Cariera sa include roluri in filmele "Down by law", "Coffee and cigarettes", "The Fisher King, "Bram Stoker's Dracula".
Eu spun: muzica, poezie, vodevil, mima si contorsionism, soapte, strigate, iubire si surprize, parodie, ironie si umor negru, voodoo de cea mai buna calitate. Stie ca muzica e un alt fel de teatru si te transpune intr-o lume a oglinzilor sparte. E vecin cu Brecht si var cu blues-ul prafuit al ultimelor comenzi.

(Off topic: in curand incepe festivalul de Jazz...)

Red Shoes

She wore red shoes by the news-stand
as the rain splashed the Nickle
and spilled like Chablis all along the midway
There's a little bluejay
in a red dress, on a sad night

One straw in a rootbeer
A Compact with a cracked mirror
A bottle of evening in Paris perfume
What's this sad tune?

He told her to wait in by the magazines
To take care of some business it seems
Bring a raincoat
Bring a suitcase
Bring your dark eyes
and wear those red shoes

There's a dark huddle at the bus stop
Umbrellas arranged in a sad bouquet
li'l Caesar  got caught
he was going down to second
He was cooled
Changing stations on the chamber
to steal a diamond ring
from a jewelry store for his baby
He loved the way she looked
in those red shoes

She waited by the drugstore
Caesar had never been this late before
The dogs bayed the moon
and rattled their chain
and the cold jingle of taps in a puddle
was the burglar alarm
snitchin' on Caesar

The rain washes memories from the sidewalks
and the hounds splash the Nickle full of soldiers
and Santa Claus is drunk
in the ski room
and it's Christmas Eve
in a sad café
when the moon gets it's way
there's a little blue jay by the news-stand
Red shoes
Red shoes

So meet me tonight by the drugstore
Meet me tonight by the drugstore
Meet me tonight by the drugstore

Goin out tonight
Goin out tonight
Goin out tonight
Wear your red shoes

Red shoes
Red shoes
Red shoes

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